Test Usage Analyser

What is Tests Usage Analyser?

Tests Usage Analyser (TUA) is a plugin developed in Pharo. It is a spy that allows anybody to record everything on every image of a developer (in Pharo).

TUA was developed with a TUA toolkits composed by TUA-Decoder and TUA-ImageReconstruction

To install TUA. The easiest way is to execute the following code in a Playground.

1Metacello new 2 smalltalkhubUser: 'Pharo' project: 'MetaRepoForPharo60'; 3 configuration: 'TestsUsageAnalyser'; 4 version: #stable; 5 get; 6 load.


I supposed you already install Pharo. If not, please install it.

Using TUA is really simple, you only have to install it. And it works. You will notice nothing, but all the data are logged and sent to a distant server.


Because TUA is just a recorder. The software does not provide the option to change where the data are sent, the version number, or which data are sent. However, you can fork the project and help us by adding this option.

You should take a look at TUA-Decoder and TUA-ImageReconstruction to see what you can do with Tests Usage Analyser.


To uninstall CORA, it is a bit hard currently. You have to follow these instructions:

The projects are present on smalltalkhub. We are working on the migration to GitHub.