My projects

Pharo Launcher ArchLinux package maintainer
I maintain the pharo launcher AUR package for Archlinux user
VSCode - Pharo
I am a VSCode extension to support Pharo programming language
This tool (in Pharo) helps developers when they want to analyze their website's source code. It gives information about the structure and the different widget of each web page. The source code could be in JAVA-GWT (but it would be easy to use the tool with another language).
Pokécard TCG
This is my first flutter project. It consists of a tool that help one building its Pokémon card collection.
Pharo Media Center
Pharo Media Center is a Media center written in Pharo using VLC as backend and Seaside/MaterialDesign as Front-end
SmartTest is an application written in Pharo.The aim is to provide a tool that will help the developer to run the "good" tests during their code session.
Carrefour is a project for Moose that allows us to bind FASTJava and FamixJava
Pharo LibVLC
Pharo LibVLC is a Binding FFI between Pharo and LibVLC. It allows us to use VLC through the Pharo environment
TestUsageAnalyser is a tool developed in Pharo. It offers you a way to collect much information about how developer work.


Moose is a platform for software and data analysis. It enables humane assessment (method for solving real problems without reading code), agile visualization and moldable development for Pharo.
FAST (Famix AST) is a metamodel to respresent AST in Famix.
FAST-Java allows us to query an AST model of JAVA in the Moose Platform. It comes with a metamodel, a metamodel generator and a parser to create the model from a String.
FAST-Pharo allows us to query an AST model of Pharo in the Moose Platform. It comes with a metamodel and a metamodel generator